What happens if my life is scored on an average of everything I have accomplished? If my life is graded using the mathematical mean instead of a measure of growth at the end of my life?

Is my morality aggregate? My capacity for compassion? My willingness to turn the other cheek? To remain vulnerable instead of sarcastic?

If we are held accountable along a continuum instead of at the end of life’s learning cycle, it’s been a journey skewed by an unfair rubric.

Our job here is to demonstrate proficiency, not to avoid failure. 

My experiences and my learning are apprenticed. They are part of a formative process. Here at Earth School, I gather knowledge, skills, and dispositions each time I make a choice, live an encounter, respond to my environment. I need to grow to my potential, not keep turning my head left and right to see who is ahead of me and who is behind. 

COVID 19 is a lesson at Earth School.

Students were stopped short of the learning process. Teachers were stopped short of their potential to teach. 

There were so many things we were going to do together, but I have to let it go.

What I was going to do doesn’t count anymore. I can’t take a score in the middle of a test. 

Of course it matters, but it shouldn’t count. 

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