Today on our podcast, Dr. Kim Jaxon shares the wisdom of the next right thing. How do we move forward together as a learning and teaching community when there are so many pressures and possibilities? How do we move with integrity?

Kim and I banter about public opinion around education, letting students lead the choice around technology tools, building student identity, and the power of a problem-based approach to teaching. Kim has practical ideas for how our students can be seen and heard, even behind a computer screen, and believes the hope of a bright future lies partly in our ability to innovate. 

This episode is full of powerful reminders about who should be in charge of learning, and how to get out of our own way and defer to the experts–our students. 

To connect with Kim and follow more of her work: 
Kim’s articles (focused on digital pedagogy) for the Connected Learning Alliance here
Published On: October 6th, 2020 / Categories: Podcast /