There’s a new YouTube channel called Show Her Off with nearly 60,000 views so far. It was created to help gentlemen “sweep her off her feet” through Facebook and Instagram, sharing weekly video lessons. 

I watched a few and noticed a pattern across the lessons: successful swing dancing starts with a strong lead. 

Leading doesn’t mean the push and pull yank-dance we might have tried in middle school. This is an elegant back nudge, a hand directed with a twist. As I watched, the most graceful leader stepped back, to the side, or around his partner to give direction in the dance. 

To open space.

To let a turn or a flourish complete itself before stepping in to guide again. 

I’m launching a podcast, and I want it to be that kind of dance. 

I want to lead with questions and then get out of the way. I want to pursue answers I can’t find on my own, and invite voices to speak into the space the questions create. 

I want to go after the moves that matter in education and learn from people I admire, who challenge me, who see the dance from a new perspective. 

Listen to this: We all move forward when wonder is our collective priority, when the only interruption to a conversation is to ask another question. 

The edmoves podcast brings the conversation on our walks, runs, patios, earbuds, and virtual classrooms. It gives us a chance to hear the moves that make us more agile and aware of each other. It will move learning forward. 

I’ve been recording and producing all summer, and I can’t wait to share conversations with renowned authors, teachers, speakers, innovators, designers, techgeeks, and thinkers. 

Season One drops with the edmoves trailer on August 31st, and you’ll be able to find it wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also join the edmoves Facebook page, @HixDoc on Twitter, or follow on Instagram at teach_like_everyones_watching. 

I hope to see you there!

Published On: August 20th, 2020 / Categories: Podcast /